Christos Papadopoulos / Leon & the Wolf (GR)


13 Jul '19
Christos Papadopoulos / Leon & the Wolf (GR)

Christos Papadopoulos / Leon & the Wolf (GR)




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In 2008 Christos Papadopoulos created a dance performance in Kenya. He slept in a small tent in the savannah, surrounded by lions at night. When he realized how completely defenceless he was as a human being in this vastness of nature, a tiny cog, he felt an enormous peace, a liberation from all the "Western drama". You can see that experience reflected in his performances. Papadopoulos writes poetry in enchanting meditations about our place as human beings in the big picture.

Sat 13 July 21.00
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Grote Zaal

Dutch premiere

60 minutes
No intermission
€30 / 25 / 20 / 12,50 / 10
Julidans Young €15

Hypnotising performance about the essence of life.

Nature is Papadopoulos’ great source of inspiration. His previous work, Elvedon, presented at Julidans 2017, evoked the endless, restless movement of the ocean. For his new work Ion, the Greek choreographer studied the flight movements of birds and swarms of insects. From there, he zoomed in on ions, electrically charged atoms, the smallest level of life. Papadopoulos looks through the microscope at the coexistence of people. The process of attraction and repulsion between individuals, just as in an atomic level, provides movement and therefore life.

Just as the atom is invisible to the eye, but determines everything we see, the changes in the dancers' movements on stage are minimal, but together they create a hypnotic flow of movements and interactions.

A French reviewer called Papadopoulos ‘an essential new face in the dance world.’ He is seen throughout Europe as a rising star. After studying dance and political science in Amsterdam and Athens, his work was immediately picked up by international co-producers and festivals. Performances such as Elvedon, OPUS and Counter Reset were shown on the international stages. Papadopoulos also works as an actor and theatre director and was part of the team that created the choreography for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and the European Games in Baku (2015).

‘The music is addictive and Ion makes full use of its enchantment. Time goes by without you noticing.’ - Sceneweb

‘With its concentrated simplicity and minimalism, Ion invites a different point of view. The succession of hypnotic, trance-invoking micro movements, like a physical mantra, often have a magical effect.’ - The Arts Review

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