Julidans x WhyNot

Julidans x WhyNot: OFF VENUE: Tour B (start Warmoesstraat)

Julidans x WhyNot: OFF VENUE: Tour B (start Warmoesstraat)
03 Jul '21 to 04 Jul '21
Julidans x WhyNot

Julidans x WhyNot

Julidans x WhyNot: OFF VENUE: Tour B (start Warmoesstraat)



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A look into the kitchen of Amsterdam dance studios.

Starting point Warmoesstraat 137

WhyNot x Julidans: OFF VENUE

In this pandemic world, where little work could be presented, artists and choreographers have been working hard behind the scenes, creating new pieces. That is why this year's OFF VENUE tour, set on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July in the afternoon, will guide you past several Amsterdam dance studios. The 'kitchens' of the dance and performance world, where makers cook up their performances.

This OFF VENUE tour lets you see exciting works by emerging choreographers and performance artists, while discovering the iconic buildings in which these studios are located, from former warehouse to monumental church.

-|-With the body extensions and portable musical instruments of Astrit Ismaili, an improvisation between hip-hop dancer Shailesh Bahoran and Indian sarod player Avi Kishna, a choreographic clash between geological elements, the digital world and robots by choreographer Elisa Zuppini with DJ James Whipple (M.E.S.H.) and the taming of a horse as a metaphor for self-control in Courtney May Robertson's multimedia performance. Come on a bike ride with us and take a look into the kitchen!

Read about the rich history of the OFF VENUE locations

Warmoesstraat 137

Elisa Zuppini x Jacuzzi

In the Jacuzzi studio one of the Jacuzzi makers, Elisa Zuppini, will be presenting her performance Himalaya, performed by Federica Dalla Pozza. In Himalaya, Elisa continues her research into the reality as a complex entaglement of relational systems, within the body and beyond. For Himalaya she drew inspiration from contrasting elements. She combines the extemporaneous and textural features of the geological realm with the fragmented temporalities of the digital space and the repetition and obsessiveness of machinic bodies. In collaboration with DJ James Whipple (M.E.S.H), who plays live during the performance, these ideas are explored further. His sound interventions, sourced from both the geological and the synthetic, are as tectonic waves, encountering the body and reflecting off of it. The choreography lets all these systems clash, in an attempt to understand how these systems possibly operate in our own life and in our own body.

Elisa Zuppini (IT / NL) is a choreographer and dance maker. She graduated from SNDO- School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Today, her choreographic research articulates around notions of relational movement and materiality in relation to the body and its affective dimensions. She is interested in the body as a transformative technology through which we can potentially access new (or lost) perceptions of reality, and those of relationality. Her work is presented both in theatrical and non theatrical venues - such those of the gallery, museums, dance clubs and academies. In 2016 she was awarded as Young Talent in Choreography from OpenFlr, Florence (IT), in 2018 she won the scholarship for Danceweb residency program at Impulstanz in Vienna (AT). Since February 2019 she is one of the supported artists by the dance company ICK Amsterdam.

Entrepotdok 4

Astrit Ismaili x BAU

Astrit Ismaili’s work proposes bodies that consist of both imaginary and material realities, using alter egos, body extensions and wearable music instruments to embody different possibilities for becoming. Within their practice, the act of singing is used to explore the role of voice in pop culture and identity politics. For Off Venue, Astrit will open their rehearsal process to show a rework on an older piece titled »Nemesis«. The piece is initially staged in relation to folkloric rituals and songs, providing a way to deal with demarcations of geopolitical borders, experiences of migration, bodily autonomy and the right to integrity, in a performance that promises to overcome separations beyond just the one between artist and audience. Using newly designed instruments Astrit aims to explore new ways how to relate to the body and space by coping with the limitations and possibilities that these instruments offer.

Astrit Ismaili (*Prishtina, 1991), is a performance artist from Kosovo based in Amsterdam. Ismaili graduated from the MA in Performance at DasArts in Amsterdam. They have shown work at ISCP, New York, S.A.L.T.S., Basel, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Kunstverein, Amsterdam, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, Robert Grunenberg Gallery, Berlin, Juliette Jongma Gallery, Amsterdam, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam, Korzo Theater, Den Hague, Spielart Festival, Munich, Kaserne Theater, Basel etc. They are recipient of the Mondriaan Fund Project Investment Grant 2018-2019 — and the Young Visual Artists Award 2011 and were a resident at ISCP in New York. They co-organised the performance project ‘Prishtine Mon Amour’ in 2012 in Pristina and co-curated of a number of ‘Lost & Found’ events in 2018-2019 in Amsterdam.

Chasséstraat 64

Shailesh Bahoran x Chassé Studios Amsterdam

In Chassé we discover the role of improvisation within a creative process. We see how, through improvisation, worlds can collide, come together and feed off one another. Hip-hop dancer and choreographer Shailesh Bahoran enters into a live dialogue with the mesmerising sounds of the most popular Indian lute, the sarod, played by the virtuoso musician Avi Kishna. Shailesh is an experimental maker in the urban scene with strong roots in hip-hop culture. He is also highly successful as a choreographer in the dance world: His performance Lalla Rookh (2015) won the Danspublieksprijs [Dance Audience Award], Ignite (2017) was nominated for the Swan for the most impressive dance performance and with REDO (2019) the company won the Swan for the best dance performance. As a performer, Shailesh distinguishes himself by his versatility and phenomenal technique in various styles, including breakdancing and popping. In his work he often uses his Hindustani background as a source of inspiration.

Shailesh Bahoran is theatre maker, choreographer, dancer, coach and artistic director of the Illusionary Rockaz Company. Shailesh has a distinctive and free artistic vision: he always searches for the expression of contrast en for ways to touch and move his audience. He has worked with The Dutch National Ballet, Don't Hit Mama, The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, Codarts, Fontys, Vocaallab, Korzo, Spin off, Conny Janssen, the Amsterdam Academy for the Arts, and ISH Dance Collective which whom he performed at the Burning man festival in Nevada as well as on Broadway in New York.


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Language NP Language no problem LAVAGEM LAVAGEM Alice Ripoll (BRA) / Cie. REC
Close Alice Ripoll (BRA) / Cie. REC LAVAGEM
A performance about water and soap, and racism. About the question whether we can wash a dirty history clean.
Language NP Language no problem O S C A R O S C A R Arno Schuitemaker (NL)
Close Arno Schuitemaker (NL) O S C A R
Liberating experience of the kind that will determine the future of theatre.
Language NP Language no problem ELISABETH GETS HER WAY ELISABETH GETS HER WAY Jan Martens (BE) / GRIP
In any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones, the Julidans co-production that could not be shown in the corona year 2020, Jan Martens used music by Elisabeth Chojnacka.
Language NP Language no problem Private Song Private Song Alexandra Bachzetsis (CH/GR)
Close Alexandra Bachzetsis (CH/GR) Private Song
Private Song is both a dance performance and a mini-concert; a charismatic performance about male-female clichés with Greek blues sung live.
Language NP Language no problem OPUS OPUS Christos Papadopoulos / Leon & the Wolf (GR)
Close Christos Papadopoulos / Leon & the Wolf (GR) OPUS
OPUS is Die Kunst der Fuge by J.S. Bach as you have never seen it before. Yes, 'seen' is the right word here. The makers dug deep into the rhythms of the composition and depict them with microscopic precision. They take you to a pure, unspoilt world, far away from everyday concerns.