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‘Omar Rajeh is de bekendste choreograaf uit de Arabische wereld. In #minaret combineert hij een krachtige bewegingstaal met een politieke boodschap’, schreef een Duitse recensente. #minaret is een krachtige aanklacht tegen oorlogsgeweld, met dans, live video, Syrische muziek en een onheilspellende drone.

di 9 & wo 10 juli

NL première

60 minuten
zonder pauze
€30 / 25 / 20 / 12,50
Julidans Jong €15

Dancing with a drone in powerful protest against the destruction of Aleppo.

From Beirut, where he leads his company, Maqamat Dance Theatre, and a festival for contemporary dance, Rajeh uses dance to state something about the state of the world. Not that the dance is secondary to the message; artistic mastery and political engagement go hand in hand with the Lebanese choreographer. According to DANSER magazine, Rajeh's dance in contemporary Lebanon is ‘a force to be reckoned with’.

His performances are therefore shown at major international dance festivals throughout Europe. Such as Beytna (previously seen at Julidans and in Internationaal Theater Amsterdam), in which Rajeh's mother prepared a meal for four international choreographers and the audience. A special example of the power of intercultural encounter on stage.

The title of Rajeh's new performance #minaret refers to the Great Mosque in Aleppo, Syrian, which has been watching over the city for nearly 1000 years. As the soul of the city, a stone witness to cultural, social and religious life through the ages. Now the mosque and the city are in ruins.

#minaret is an act of resisting the destruction of one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. And against war violence in general. It is also a protest against our dumbness at images of destruction that reach us non-stop through various media. In #minaret the drone that flies over the dancers and films the show is inescapable. ‘A remotely controlled, disruptive, haunting presence. It falls from heaven, but is in human hands. Disaster of the new war gods.’ - Dresdner Nachrichten.

For reasons of sustainability, Julidans will print less paper programme sheets. You can read the programme sheet with more information about the performance and your visit here.

INTRODUCTION 9 & 10 JULI 20:00 - 20:15 | Pleinfoyer
All performances in Internationaal Theater Amsterdam are combined with an introduction half an hour before every performance. You will have a short introduction (15 minutes) on the choreographer, the company and backgrounds of the performance. We announce the talks on the performance pages. Free admission.

DI 9 JULI | Talking Together
After the performance on July 9, Inge Koks and Sonja Augart organize Talking Together: a discussion about current topics inspired by the performance but not about the performance. Talking Together is held backstage and maybe the choreographer and/or a dancer will join the conversation. Sign up for free will booking your performance tickets.

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