The summer of 2021 will provide the stage for the 30th edition of Julidans. After a year of lockdowns and livestreams, we are pleased to present a distinct programme that you can experience live in the theatres from 1 to 16 July.

Julidans adheres to the corona measures in force, as drawn up by the RIVM and the central government. As long as the coronavirus is not yet under control, testing can help make more possible step by step. The national government uses access tests to facilitate social and cultural activities in a safe manner. You may also need a negative test result in addition to your entrance ticket.

Please note:

In the period prior to the performance, you will receive instructions regarding the Covid-19 access policies in effect at the time. You may get several messages, depending on whether the government policy is announced or modified. It is possible that you will receive these mails until just before the start of the performance, so please keep a close eye on your mailbox. Julidans as well as the theatres where the event is staged, may send you these mails.