The summer of 2021 will provide the stage for the 30th edition of Julidans. After a year of lockdowns and livestreams, we are pleased to present a distinct programme that you can experience live in the theatres from 1 to 16 July.

Julidans and the Coronatoegangsbewijs (Corona Access Certificate)

From 26 June onwards, Corona regulations in the Netherlands will be relaxed. Julidans has two options for receiving the public: with or without a Corona admission ticket.

For activities and performances with a Coronatoegangsbewijs (Corona Access Certificate), there is no need to keep a distance. We have decided to do this so that more people can enjoy the performances at Julidans. For all performances at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (Grote Zaal, Rabozaal and ITA Studio) you will need a Coronatoegangsbewijs We ask you to show your Corona ticket via the CoronaCheck app upon entry.

For activities and performances for small groups without a Coronatoegangsbewijs, the 1.5-metre distance must be respected. You do not need a Coronatoegangsbewijs for performances at Theater Bellevue, Melkweg Upstairs, Podium Mozaïek, Bijlmer Parktheater, Meervaart and Vondelpark Openlucht Theater.

For each performance and activity, it is indicated whether it can be visited with or without a Coronatoegangsbewijs. To avoid confusion, every ticket buyer also receives a reminder e-mail two days before their visit with an up-to-date status.

What is a Coronatoegangsbewijs / Corona Access Certificate?
This can be a negative test result (test certificate), a vaccination certificate or proof that you have recovered from corona (recovery certificate). There are three ways to obtain a Corona Access Certificate:

A negative test result less than 40 hours before the event. At
you can make a quick, simple and free appointment for a corona test at an affiliated test site near you.
Proof of a complete corona vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine.
Proof that you have recovered from corona less than 6 months ago.

You can find the steps you need to take to turn your test, vaccination or recovery certificate into a valid Corona Access Certificate in the form of a QR code on the government website, see:

Or watch a video here in which all steps are explained.

What happens on entry?

If you visit an activity or performance where a Corona ticket is required, your QR code will be scanned at the entrance. This is your valid Corona ticket. You can show this QR code on your phone in the CoronaCheck app or you can print it out at home via Don't forget your proof of identity during your visit. Our staff member will compare the details on your proof of identity with the details on the Corona Access Ticket.