June 30 T/m JULY 12 — 2020


COVID-19 has changed the world and unfortunately the 30th edition of Julidans will not take place in 2020. But don't worry, many of the choreographers have been invited for Julidans next year or are included in the dance programming of our main producer Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA). In addition, one program of Julidans Extended will still continue because it is 100% corona proof: Julidans x WhyNot: OFF VENUE. A performance route that we organize for the third time with the Amsterdam Festival WhyNot. OFF VENUE shows pronounced performances by idiosyncratic makers at various outdoor locations.

Programme 2020

When it became clear that it was no longer realistic to organize Julidans 2020, we were in the final phase of the programming. Even if it is not possible to present these performances this year, we would still like to share our program. Because we are proud of the choreographers and the way they look at dance and the world around us. As mentioned, most of them will still be seen in 2021 or 2022.

Bekijk hier het programma