Elle Sofe Sara (NO)

Vástádus eana - The answer is land

Vástádus eana - The answer is land
05 Jul '23 to 06 Jul '23
Elle Sofe Sara (NO)

Vástádus eana - The answer is land

Elle Sofe Sara (NO)


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The right to self-determination in an intimate relationship with the earth

As a Sami, choreographer Elle Sofe Sara has experienced what injustice can do to a community: the Sami people have no state but are spread over four countries and are faced with great social, cultural and political challenges. With Vástádus eana / The answer is land, a large-scale production with yoiks sung live on stage, she pays tribute to all the people who want to make the world a better place.

Main program

Run time 70 minutes
Location Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Venue Grote Zaal

After talk with Elle Sofe Sara 6 July

Elle Sofe Sara took her inspiration for Vástádus eana / The answer is land from the poem with the same name, which has been placed as a work of art on the border between Finland and Norway. The poem is part of the Kiss From the Border art installation and discusses the call for autonomy and self-government by the Sami, indigenous people living in the Sápmi area, also known as Sámi land; an area covering the north of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. The poem touches on the core of Sami culture: living together with nature as a human being, in connection with the environment and with each other.

In Vástádus eana / The answer is land, the seven female performers begin a ritual outside, in front of the theatre, after which they take the audience inside with them. On stage, elements of folklore are combined with Sami rituals. -|-The choreography is inspired by demonstrations, Sami spiritual exercises, and formation dance. Elle Sofe Sara: "The power that emerges when we stand side by side interests me. How much stronger we are when we are part of a community."

Song, dance and a poetic sense of community reinforce each other in a large-scale performance. Yoiks, traditional polyphonic mountain songs, are sung live on stage by the dancers and are the beating heart of the performance.


Artistic Director, Choreographer Elle Sofe Sara
PerformersSara Marielle Gaup Beaska, Emma Elliane Oskal Valkeapää, Grete Daling, Olga-Lise Holmen, Nora Svenning, Julie Moviken, Trine-Lise Moe
Composer Frode Fjellheim
Co-Choreographer Alexandra Wingate
Dramaturge Thomas Schaupp
Costumes Elle Sofe Sara and Line Maher
Set Design Elin Melberg
Light design Øysten Heitmann-|-
Light technician Anniell Olsen
Sound Technician Eivind Steinholm
Tour Leader Maiken Garder
Producer Maiken Garder
Performance title Rájácummá, Kiss from the border, Nillas Holmberg, Outi Pieski, Jenni Laiti
Video documentation and photos Antero Hein/ Hein Creations, Alexander Browne, Knut Aaserud
Social Media Eva Svaneblom


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08 Jul '24 to 09 Jul '24
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