June 22 / Julidans

Julidans magazine 2021

To be flexible as a festival in the unpredictable corona time, we decided to make a magazine instead of a programme brochure. A magazine, to celebrate the 30th edition of Julidans. Linked to the programme, the Julidans magazine offers a platform to makers, dancers and critics.

Long reads and interviews alternate with image series and visions of the future of contemporary dance. We are proud of the contributions by journalists Annette Embrechts, Moos van de Broek, Jacq. Algra, Francine van der Wiel, Sander Hiskemuller, Zahira Mous, photographer Sabrina Bongiovanni and the illustrators Richard Kofi and Typex.

The magazine has landed on the doormat of many Julidans fans this weekend, but you can also view the magazine online. Click below to read the magazine. A printed version of the free magazine can be found at various Julidans locations and at Athenaeum Bookshop on the Spui in Amsterdam.

English magazine >>>