Alice Ripoll (BR) / Cia REC


10 Jul '24
Alice Ripoll (BR) / Cia REC


Alice Ripoll (BR) / Cia REC


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aCORdo, created by choreographer and theatre maker Alice Ripoll for the Brazilian dance group REC, is an impressive work that grabs you by the throat and drags you into the transformative power of dance. Four dancers from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro confront the audience with the raw reality of their daily lives.

Julidans On Stage

Dutch premiere

Location Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Venue Studio 1
Run time tba
Language Language no problem


After the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, theatre maker and choreographer Alice Ripoll was invited to create a piece about the impact of the events on the Brazilian city. Ripoll chose to work from the point of view of those for whom the city has nothing or almost nothing to offer: black residents of the favelas, literally placed on the fringes of Brazilian society.

In her raw and impulsive piece, Ripoll highlights the everyday reality of Rio de Janeiro. This overcrowded metropolis is characterised by invisible but strictly controlled borders that separate the poor from the rich.
Four dancers, dressed in identical costumes, face the audience in a demarcated area. Through their gestures, situations, and interactions, which often show confrontation and violence, they create a new space between themselves and the audience. In the framed ITA Studio, they explore alternatives to bounded spaces and bodies.

aCORdo highlights the social, racial, and territorial inequalities deeply embedded in Brazilian society. Through the almost corporeal experience the work offers to the audience, aCORdo manifests itself as a distinctly political work. Alice Ripoll: "Dance creates mysterious, unpredictable and unusual bridges; therein lies its power and capacity for transformation."

About Alice Ripoll

Alice Ripoll graduated from the Angel Vianna’s school, an important center for dance and motor rehabilitation, and started to work as a choreographer. She has worked with dancers, actors and circus artists. Her work embraces contemporary dance and urban dance styles from Brazil. Through research, the work opens space for the dancers to transform the experiences and memories that live in each one, into images. Currently she’s directing two groups. Cia. REC and Cia. SUAVE. Founded in 2009, Cia REC is a powerful group of dancers from the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro that elaborates and recreates contemporary art. Their work is on the threshold of dance and performance. With Cia. SUAVE, Alice Ripoll created the performance Zona France, that will also be presented during Julidans 2024.


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