Mette Ingvartsen (DK/BE) & Will Guthrie (AU/FR) / Great Investment vwz

All Around

All Around
07 Jul '21 to 08 Jul '21
Mette Ingvartsen (DK/BE) & Will Guthrie (AU/FR) / Great Investment vwz

All Around

Mette Ingvartsen (DK/BE) & Will Guthrie (AU/FR) / Great Investment vwz


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Intense and ecstatic music concert that dances.

Starting time 6:30 p.m. (7 July) 7:00 p.m. (8 July)
Location ITA
Venue Studio 1
NL premiere

Smart, witty and thought-provoking

7 pleasures,69 positions and 21 pornographies: these are meaningful titles of Mette Ingvartsen's previous performances. Sexuality is her means of addressing profound themes, from pleasure and liberation to the mechanisms of power. The Danish artist wraps this up in a highly infectious way in smart, witty and thought-provoking performances.

A performance by Ingvartsen is always a special experience. Somewhere between performance, dance, theatre and happening, she is not afraid to (literally) expose herself or to speak to us. Sometimes she makes performances without a performer, such as evaporated landscapes, in which foam, mist, light and sound played the leading role. Ingvartsen studied dance with Anne Teresa De Keermaeker (Rosas), among others, and then immediately started working at several major European dance houses.

-|-All Around (2019) is a duet with drummer Will Guthrie. Ingvartsen and Guthrie had been following each other's work for quite some time and worked together remotely from time to time. In this drum-dance duet, they are together on stage for the first time. The result is a music concert that dances. In All Around, the audience surrounds a play area with a drum kit, a moving light, and the bodies of the performers. Rolling and turning, rhythm and speed are the main components of a performance whose ecstatic, trance-like intensity is constantly increased.


With Will Guthrie & Mette Ingvartsen
Lighting design and technical direction Hans Meijer
Dramaturgy Bojana Cvejic
Production assistant Joey Ng
Production Mette Ingvartsen / Great Investment vzw
With the support of  Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussels)
With financial support from The Flemish Government, the Danish Arts Council and the Flemish Community Commission