Daniel Linehan / Hiatus (USA/BE)

Body of Work

Body of Work
11 Jul '19 to 12 Jul '19
Daniel Linehan / Hiatus (USA/BE)

Body of Work

Daniel Linehan / Hiatus (USA/BE)


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Dances from the past continue to live in the body of the dancer. Like an archaeologist, choreographer / dancer Daniel Linehan digs into the performances that he has created over the past 15 years and lets its traces speak. After the fascinating solo, Not About Everything, which Linehan previously created for himself and which could also be seen on Julidans, we look forward to this new work.

Thu 11 July 19.00
Fri, 12 July 21.00
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Studio 1

Dutch premiere

60 minutes
No intermission
Julidans Young €12.50

Personal search for the traces and scars of dance.

Dance is often regarded as a fleeting art form that is not captured like a book or film and disappears irrevocably after the final applause has sounded. But for performers it is very different: dance and choreography leaves lasting traces in the body. Sometimes these traces are physical: the development of muscles or the aftermath of an injury. But most of the time they are unreal traces: the memory of movements that resonate in the body and influence it for a long time.

In Body of Work the American choreographer - who seems to have been collecting only rave reviews for 15 years - studies this idea in relation to his own body and to his own history as a dancer and choreographer. He combines movements and fragments from his choreographies with intimate memories from his childhood and personal musings about the world in which we live. The result is a choreography about the passing of time, which shows that the past is strongly anchored in the present.

Linehan studied dance in Seattle and in Brussels at Anne Teresa De Keersmaekers dance school P. A.R.T.S. His own work first received public attention in 2004, with the solo, Digested Noise. Many performances followed, Julidans already showed several of them: Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost, Not About Everything and Zombie Aporia in Julidan's NEXT, and the hypnotic Flood on the main stage. In 2015, he founded his company, Hiatus. He is also a Creative Associate in deSingel in Antwerp.