Marco da Silva Ferreira (PT)


05 Jul '19
Marco da Silva Ferreira (PT)


Marco da Silva Ferreira (PT)


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Why do we love to dance together? The Portuguese choreography talent, Marco da Silva Ferreira - to be seen for the first time on Julidans – researched. From today's urban dance, he winds up with age-old ritual dances. BROTHER is an explosion of energy - it will be difficult to sit still yourself!

Fri 5 July 21.00
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Grote Zaal

Dutch premiere

60 minutes
No intermission
€30 / 25 / 20 / 12,50 / 10
Julidans Young €15

From tribal to urban: dance history in an explosion of energy.

Da Silva Ferreira is a versatile talent. For example, he danced with Hofesh Shechter, one of the most exciting choreographers of the time, and won the Portuguese edition of, So You Think You Can Dance. He debuted as a choreographer with a solo in 2012 and won prizes the following year with the successor Réplica ... éplica ... éplica. He experienced his international breakthrough with Hu(r)mano. BROTHER is closely related to that performance.

Both performances are about urban culture and its roots. While Hu(r)mano explored mainstream more, BROTHER delves into the underground, the terrain of street dance.

Da Silva Ferreira shows us how a community expresses itself in its dance, how dance is the cement of (sub) cultures and a manifestation of shared codes. From urban dance forms such as the South African pantsula - created during apartheid - or voguing, we travel to the roots of those dance forms, tribal dances from far back in history. BROTHER is also about how these movements are passed on to each other through generations - the memory of dance. The six dancers on stage show with gusto how dance functions as a bridge between past and present.