155 / Maas Theater en Dans (NL)


09 Jul '23
155 / Maas Theater en Dans (NL)


155 / Maas Theater en Dans (NL)


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Kamikaze energy and hip-hop slapstick around the thirty-something dilemma.

'If it makes us laugh really hard ourselves, it's fine.' In Controle, the motto of the no-nonsense hip-hop collective 155 leads to an anarchistic hotchpotch of self-mockery, locker-room humour and banality-under-a-magnifying-glass. But also to breakneck skills in a sensitive performance about losing grip on your life.

EXTENDED / Julidans NL

Run time 70 minutes
Location Frascati 1
Language Dutch

The men of 155 (one-five-five), a breakdance collective born from a group of friends who grew up together in Utrecht, are now around 30 and face a choice: go with the flow of bourgeois life or remain unattached boys? Because well, there they are with their rotten knees, empty pockets, vague friends, compelling algorithms. Should they try to take back control or will they take it all in their stride? -|- In their previous production Motors (2018), the dancers of 155 had a motorbike at their disposal to scoot away from life. In Controle, they have to hold their own on conveyor belts that drag them into the relentless passing of time. Running very fast and yet not getting ahead, as a metaphor for their generation. But with this collective, the subject matter is never too serious: after all, isn't humour the very best remedy for the pain of existence?

With hilarious slapstick, boy banter and not to mention fantastic hip-hop skills, 155 has built a wide audience. Their contributions to films and witty sketches for Klokhuis, among others, won them several awards.


producer Maas Theater en Dans
business leadership Bernadette Stokvis
choreography Erik Bos en de dansers
assistant choreography Eryn Nieuwint
final direction Moniek Merkx
actors Erik Bos, Thomas Bos, Deion Holwijn, Thomas van Kalmthout, Rein Luuring, Levi Rapport -|-
compositions Tom Luuring
video Thomas Bos, Rein Luuring, Thomas van Kalmthout
costumes Esmee Thomassen
stage image RubenWijnstok
lighting design Yuri Schreuder
production manager Djoeke Westdijk
tour leader Ibtisam Boucheloukh
technique Klim Nelissen, Dennis Stolzenberg


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