Sonya Lindfors (CM/FI)

Cosmic Latte

Cosmic Latte
14 Jul '23 to 15 Jul '23
Sonya Lindfors (CM/FI)

Cosmic Latte

Sonya Lindfors (CM/FI)


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Dream of a future in which black and white are not opposites but one

The colour of the future? Cosmic Latte! In this radical performance, Cameroonian-Finnish choreographer Sonya Lindfors dreams of a world in which freedom, equality and black identity go hand in hand. Explore together with Afro-Finnish artists, pioneers in their field, an Afro-futuristic landscape featuring hip-hop, African cosmology, Bach and Sun Ra.


Run time 75 minutes
Location Podium Mozaïek
Language English

Artist talk with Sonya Lindfors after the performance on 14 July

Apply for the workshop with Sonya Lindfors on
15 July

Cosmic Latte
plays with the idea of an utopian future where present, future and past are present in a boundless, mysterious inbetween space. The logic of our thinking has changed, black and white are no longer opposites, but contain one another. The borders are malleable and the meanings mix with each other like liquids.

The title refers to the shade of white-beige that astronomers say is the average colour of the universe. The show hovers between performance, installation and movement landscape, building on what is known as Afro-futurism. This cultural movement, originally associated with science fiction, dreams of a place where freedom, equality, past, present and future come together. -|-
Lindfors dreams away idiosyncratically in unsettling and sometimes deliciously humoristic scenes that juxtapose hip-hop, spoken word and contemporary dance. Cosmic Latte is the third in Lindfors' series of works on the theme of black identity on stage.


choreography and concept Sonya Lindfors
light design Erno Aaltonen
sound design Jussi Matikainen
costume design Sanna Levo and Pauliina Sjöberg
performers Deogracias Masomi, Ima Iduozee, Pauliina Sjöberg, Eeste Sutinen, Sonya Lindfors (in second cast Selma Kauppinen, Zen Jefferson, Geoffrey Erista) -|-
performers in Julidans Deogracias Masomi, Ima Iduozee, Pauliina Sjöberg, Selma Kauppinen, Sonya Lindfors
choreographers assistants Esete Sutinen, Pauliina Sjöberg
production Zodiak - center for a new dance, UrbanApa, Sonya Lindfors


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