Club Guy & Roni (NL) / Navdhara India Dance Theatre (IN) / Slagwerk Den Haag (NL)


04 Jul '23
Club Guy & Roni (NL) / Navdhara India Dance Theatre (IN) / Slagwerk Den Haag (NL)


Club Guy & Roni (NL) / Navdhara India Dance Theatre (IN) / Slagwerk Den Haag (NL)


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A dance performance with the pumping rhythms of life in Mumbai

A roadtrip through India is what choreographers Roni Haver and Guy Weizman call their Fortune. A blistering dance production about searching for the 'wonder of life' in a wild succession of images, impressions and moments. Slagwerk Den Haag, European and Indian dancers go wild in an insane eruption of orchestrated chaos.

EXTENDED / Julidans NL

Run time 75 minutes
Location Meervaart
Venue Rode Zaal
Language English

Afterparty on 4 July

Everything is overwhelming in Fortune, the performance made by Club Guy & Roni in collaboration with Mumbai-based Navdhara India Dance Theatre. And with Slagwerk Den Haag - obviously, as the music (with percussion, sarod, tabla and vocals) is the driving force here, with even the chest being used as percussion. Thanks to contributions from composers from Dharavi, a slum in Mumbai, the performance breathes the atmosphere of that metropolis, bustling with life.|

With that same life force, the dancers go in search of what actually makes us happy. Under a contemporary tree of life with disposable junk, the dancers leave no doubt that happiness is in any case NOT about having the latest thing. -|-And that perceptions of happiness are always snapshots. Gone before you know it, because fate is fickle.

Biographical glimpses into the lives of the dancers make it clear that 'fortune' is above all a personal issue. Regardless of whether you were brought into the world in the 'rich West' or in an Asian slum. In this colourful universe, everything flows, drips and merges together. Kathak leads to popping and locking, a love duet becomes Bollywood dance. Frenzied dressing up results in tableaux vivants featuring krishnas, giant babies and science fiction characters.


The choreography is a joint project by Roni Haver, Guy Weizman, Ashley Lobo, and all of the dancers.

Club Guy & Roni: Adam Peterson, Camilo Chapela, Eliana Stragapede, Igor Podsiadly, Wilchaan Roy Cantu
Navdhara India Dance Theatre Chetan Solanki, Razul Gautam, Urvil Shah

The music in the performance was created through a collaboration between Pepe Garcia, Brendan Faegre, Martijn Baaijens, Jochem Braat, Niels Meliefste, Tarang Poddar
Slagwerk Den Haag Martijn Baaijens (Sarod, gitaar), Jochem Braat (toetsen,stem) Niels Meliefste (slagwerk, stem), Tarang Poddar (tabla, slagwerk, stem)
musical leader Pepe Garcia
musical dramaturgy Brendan Faegre
tracks and soundbites Assin Khan Langa, Dhyanjyoti Borah, INCEPTOR, Sawai Khan
set design Ascon de Nijs
costumes Maison the Faux
light design Maarten van Rossem
sound design Peter Zwart
dramaturgy Robbert van Heuven


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