Ann Van den Broek (NL/BE) / WArd/waRD


07 Jul '22 to 08 Jul '22
Ann Van den Broek (NL/BE) / WArd/waRD


Ann Van den Broek (NL/BE) / WArd/waRD


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Everything is bubbling and sparkling in a joyous celebration of life

‘People who are always cheerful should not be trusted,' says Tom Barman, frontman of the Belgian band dEUS, in Joy Enjoy Joy. But after a few difficult years, choreographer Ann Van den Broek feels, there is a need for air and light. In Joy Enjoy Joy she celebrates life, earthy and dynamic, with costumes in all colours of the rainbow and effervescent dance.

Julidans NL
Run time 85 minutes
Location Meervaart
Venue Rode Zaal

Ann Van den Broek

After the personal and intense theme of The Memory Loss Collection – a three-part study into the effects of dementia and Alzheimer's disease – Flemish choreographer Ann Van den Broek tilts the balance towards the cheerful side. To lightness and feeling good, to having fun, to a zest for life, to embraces. Yes, it is finally allowed again! She is particularly interested in seeing the lightness in ordinary, everyday things. Van den Broek: ‘Even in the deepest misery you find moments of joy, a gratitude that you can experience at the same time as the feeling of loss. It is a sort of melancholia. That you can see the beauty in little things.’

Julidans has been following Van de Broek for years; from Julidans NEXT, Van den Broek moved on to the festival's main stages. With her minimalist and raw dance, which is always about people and their deepest emotions, she belongs to the absolute dance top. With a unique mix of movement, music, text, and video, Joy Enjoy Joy stretches the boundaries between the various art disciplines. Close-ups of the dancers are projected on the backdrop. This blending of live dance and instant registration can be seen in all her work, and it is this intensity and closeness to close-ups that makes it inescapable.

On the move

Last year she presented Creating Joy live at Julidans, an online research performance that was created during the lockdown. Joy Enjoy Joy stems from that research and also uses the same setting. But Joy Enjoy Joy is a performance that goes further, with several dancers, with a flow and a pulse. Lust turns into deep love, resistance into acceptance.
The eight dancers wear high heels, have brightly painted lips and wear colourful costumes; the disco ball creates a glittering effect. Everything is bubbling and sparkling. ‘I want everything in the performance to be constantly in motion. On the move and no standstill. We've had enough of that after two years of Corona.’


concept and choreography Ann Van den Broek  
performers Frauke Mariën, Louis Combeaud, Nik Rajšek, Jean-Gabriel Maury, Marion Bosetti, Carla Guerra, Kamil Pilarski, Isaiah Selleslaghs
interns Beatriz Baptista, Karolina Krynicka
music Nicolas Rombouts 
pre-recorded vocals Gregory Frateur 
conversation fragments Tom Barman
video- and light design Bernie van Velzen 
scenography Niek Kortekaas
styling costumes Ann Van den Broek i.s.m. Marielle Vos 
repetitor Pol Van den Broek, Gregory Frateur 
outside eye Marc Vanrunxt 
first presentation 12 January 2022, La Filature, Mulhouse (FR) 
dutch première 19 February 2022, Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)