Andreas Hannes e.a.

Julidans at the park

Julidans at the park
07 Jul '23
Andreas Hannes e.a.

Julidans at the park

Andreas Hannes e.a.


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Let's go outside! Once again this summer, Julidans, the international festival for contemporary dance, appears in Vondelpark for two inspiring evenings of outdoor dance. Combine your summer evening stroll through the park with a dance performance with international allure.

On Friday 7 July, Julidans at the park presents performances by Andreas Hannes and Constantin Trommlitz.


Run time TBC
Location Vondelpark Openluchttheater

Andreas Hannes

Andreas Hannes is showing two works. He kicks off with a preview of Sway, a new work that will have its world premiere at Meervaart on 13 and 14 July. This new work, danced by himself, is a rhythmic and adventurous solo based on a movement that everyone knows: swinging and swaying, whirling and rocking.

Also on show is Warping Soul. Three dancers appear in a space in constant transition. They appear as if nailed to the ground and struggle to move, seemingly as if gravity is exerting a greater influence on them. Through disorientation and regrouping of bodies and space, the movement becomes a dance of transformations and narratives. "To warp" means to bend, to change direction or course.

Constantin Trommlitz

Two works by Dutch choreographer Constantin Trommlitz will be shown: The Architect of Memories and Mind over Matter.

The Architect of Memories is a (work-in-progress) solo revisiting memories of the past through dance. Inspired by the duality of bittersweetness, Constantin aims at building an intimate environment between the audience, himself and his movement approach inspired by Breakdance.

Mind over Matter is an exhaustive duet that sensitively exposes the consequences of having and experiencing a compulsive personality disorder. A highly personal work about the effects of living with obsessive compulsions; what it means for the person suffering from it, but also how numbing and frustrating it can be for their loved ones. How does it feel for them to not be seen, not to be acknowledged?


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