Igor Vrebac (NL/BA) / De Nieuwe Oost


09 Jul '21 to 11 Jul '21
Igor Vrebac (NL/BA) / De Nieuwe Oost
€ 15

Igor Vrebac (NL/BA) / De Nieuwe Oost




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How far can and dare you go? Three performers try it out on trampolines. A larger-than-life quest for physical devotion and surrender. With costumes by fashion designer Mirte Engelhard and driving beats by composer Tonny Nobel.

Julidans NL
Location Podium Mozaïek
Starting time 21.00 (9 & 10 July) 15.00 (11 July)
World premiere

Physical ecstasy and collective euphoria. Three dancers seek faith on trampolines.

OMG is an unprecedented trip to a world full of colour, ecstasy and abundance. Three performers welcome you into sporty atmospheres, jumping inexhaustibly. With total commitment and explosive energy, they celebrate deep-rooted human powers.

With OMG, Igor and his team are referring to both contemporary popculture as age-old ceremonies as sporting expressions. Personal stories always take on a universal form in Igor's work. In 2018 he was nominated as an up-and-coming choreography talent by De Nederlandse Dansdagen.

-|- In his work, the choreographer pushes the physical limits of the body and thus brings peculiar perspectives on themes such as gender, identity, and sexuality. Human behaviour is his greatest source of inspiration. Vrebac previously made a triptych around gender (Macho Macho, TRÆNS and HEROES).

'The intense dedication of the performers commands admiration' - Theaterkrant about HEROES.

omg julidans bas de brouwer


Concept and maker Igor Vrebac
With Inbal Abir, Max Laros, Anton van der Sluis
Costumes Mirte Engelhard
Music Tonny Nobel
Dramaturgy Maarten Bos
Light & technical design Tommy van de Broeck & Rob Daanen
Photography Bas de Brouwer
Poster and flyerdesign Koen Hogewoning
Production Stichting Igor Vrebac i.c.w. De Nieuwe Oost
Partners Julidans en Podium Mozaïek
Thank you Remy Draaijer


For activities and performances for small groups without a Corona admission ticket, the 1.5-metre distance must be respected. You do not need a Corona admission ticket for performances at Theater Bellevue, Melkweg Upstairs, Podium Mozaïek, Bijlmer Parktheater, Meervaart and Vondelpark Openlucht Theater.


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