Alexandra Bachzetsis (CH/GR)

Private Song

Private Song
10 Jul '21 to 11 Jul '21
Alexandra Bachzetsis (CH/GR)
€ 25,00

Private Song

Alexandra Bachzetsis (CH/GR)


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Private Song is both a dance performance and a mini-concert; a charismatic performance about male-female clichés with Greek blues sung live.

On 11 July, following the performance, there will be an aftertalk with Alexandra moderated by Jacq Algra in the Pleinfoyer.

Location ITA
Venue Grote zaal
Starting time 21:00
Dutch premiere

A charismatic performance about male-female clichés with Greek blues sung live

'Typical women': the three performers start from the stereotypes of women, from which unfolds an original performance on role patterns. In Private Song, choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis, who is also on stage, looks at gender roles in Western society from her Greek background. She is guided by the popular songs from the rebetiko, the Greek blues from the 1940s that can be heard in the cafés, in squares and on streets. Bachsetzis cleverly interweaves the melancholic folk music with her themes and does so with a lot of humour and charisma. She looks beyond the surface, to patterns in popular culture. She covers a whole world, from the machismo of Greek folk music to the influence of famous Hollywood icons.

-|-Private Song is an intimate performance where the audience sits close to the performers, on the stage with the Great Hall as the backdrop. Gradually, the performance turns into a mini-concert. ‘The audience soon fell under its spell. It was very clearly about pain, suffering, the everyday, the human' - Tageszeitung.

In 2011, Bachzetsis made an impressive Julidans debut with A Piece Danced Alone. ‘Convincing and passionate,' the critics said. Because she explores the boundaries between performance, visual art and dance, her productions can be seen not only in theatres, but also at major museums, including the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, Tate Modern, and MoMa.


concept & choreography Alexandra Bachzetsis  
performance and movement research Alexandra Bachzetsis, Thibault Lac, Sotiris Vasiliou 
research Paul B. Preciado 
dramaturgy Tom Engels 
researchers  Rembetiko Culture Alkistis Poulopoulou, Sotiris Vasiliou 
music Tobias Koch 
voice coaching Theodora Baka 
communication design Julia Born
editiorial coordination private song book Henriette Gallus
photography Otobong Nkanga and Nikolas Giakoumakis
costume design Cosima Gadient i.s.m. Yonatan Zohar 
lighting design and engineering  Patrik Rimann, Claudio Bagno
sound engineering Jonas Häni 
set design and production assistant Peter Baur 
production Association All Exclusive 
production manager Anna Geering, Franziska Schmidt, Regula Schelling, produktionsDOCK
with support from Schering Stiftung, Stichting Ammodo
a cooperative financial agreement between  de stad Zurich, Canton Basel-Landschaft, Canton Basel-Stadt, Pro Helvetia–Schweizer Kulturstiftung 
with support from Adam Szymczyk, Paul B. Preciado, Hendrik Folkerts, Christoph Platz, Shannon Jackson, Mia Born, Oleg Houbrechts, Otobong Nkanga, Daphni Antoniou, Kelly Tsipni-Kolaza, Lenio Kaklea, Evangelia Karakatsani, Verena Bachzetsis, Jannis Tsingaris, Sakis Bachzetsis, Karma International