Lisi Estaras (AR/BE) / MonkeyMind Company


04 Jul '23 to 05 Jul '23
Lisi Estaras (AR/BE) / MonkeyMind Company


Lisi Estaras (AR/BE) / MonkeyMind Company


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The absurdity of human communication in 50 questions

What do an orca and a human have in common? Along with humans, the orca is the only animal that goes through menopause. Lisi Estaras addresses this question and forty-nine other questions (one for each of her fifty years of life) in 'stand-up dance' in which she takes aim at the absurdity of our communication.


Run time 50 minutes
Location Frascati
Venue Frascati 2
Language English

After talk with Lisi Estaras 4 July

Argentine dancer and choreographer Lisi Estaras has been dancing with Alain Platel's renowned Flemish dance company les ballets C de la B for more than twenty years. She developed her own methodology called 'monkeymind', which approaches dance as an impulsive flow of thoughts around themes like confusion, humour and ambiguity.

This is no different in #THISISBEAUTY, a solo performance to mark her fiftieth birthday. With her trademark disarming smile, Estaras explores to the point of absurdity how words relate to meanings, meanwhile fooling around with the dance world, and not least with herself as a 50-year-old dancer struggling with age, sexuality and gender.-|-Inspired by the philosophical work of Ludwig Wittgenstein and by 50-year-old women she specially interviewed for this solo, Estaras creates a powerful piece of physical fiction for #THISISBEAUTY. The solo is a philosophical thought experiment, a parody of the dance world and a vulnerable self-portrait all rolled into one. Accompanied by a soundscape of orca sounds and church hymns, Estaras makes you feel like you are watching a fish in an aquarium: 'ferocious and untameable', as one reviewer aptly described.


Concept, text, choreography & performance Lisi Estaras
Dramaturgy Sara Vanderieck
Sound design Tom Daniëls
Sound engineer Tom Van den Brande
Light Design Helmut Van Den Meersschaut
Costume Design Marie Szersnovicz
Costume Atelier Odile Dubucq
Artistic Advice Kristien De Proost
Philosophical advice Carla Carmona
Communication Hilde Debuck
Production Leader & MonkeyMind Company Management Nicole Petit
DistributionPlan B – Creative Agency for Performing Arts and Rosie Productions
Production MonkeyMind Company/MonkeyMind vzw
Coproduction Festival Bits of Dance Brugge (B), MA Scène Nationale Pays de Montbéliard (F)
Residencies KAAP Brugge, MA Scene Nationale Pays de Montbéliard, Tanzhaus Zürich, BAMP Brussel
With the support of CAMPO, les balllets C de la B and KC nona (studio)
With thanks to Rose, Liora, Mirko and Ludwig
Realised with a project grant from the Flemish government

MonkeyMind Company receives structural subsidies from the city of Ghent (B)


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08 Jul '24 to 09 Jul '24
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