Jefta van Dinther (SE)


09 Jul '23 to 10 Jul '23
Jefta van Dinther (SE)


Jefta van Dinther (SE)


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Journey inward in a four-hour trance experience

Swedish-Dutch Jefta van Dinther has sometimes been described as "the star of dark and mysterious techno dance". His productions are hallucinatory and dynamic, sleekly designed and offer an outlook on humanity in a world dominated by technology. In Unearth, the choreographer instead focuses on the need to still keep feeling.


Run time 240 minutes
Location W139

Unearth is a continuous perfomance. You're welcome to enter and leave the venue during the performance

With Unearth, Van Dinther invites the audience to an introspective journey. Using only movement and voice, the four-hour dance event at W139 arts centre in the heart of Amsterdam offers one big, propulsive trance experience.

The dancers turn their bodies inside out and expose deep-rooted feelings about social kinship, life and mortality. Stripped of theatrical elements such as lighting, music and scenography, the performance stages the capacities and incapacities of human beings in their purest form.

As they sing personal interpretations of pop songs – discharged as an intense emotional and physical release – the dancers move softly and in slow motion through the audience. Sometimes they linger or stop next to someone, in search of contact or comfort.

-|-The title Unearth refers to something not of this earth. With this title, Van Dinther highlights the central theme of his work in recent years: the technologisation of the world we live in. Which was meant to serve us, but instead has come to govern our lives. "Jefta van Dinther once again succeeds in portraying humans as aliens and temporary guests on this earth," a reviewer wrote following the premiere.

The event lasts four hours, but it is possible to leave and enter the venue at any time, except during the last 30 minutes, when the performance builds up towards its apotheosis.


Choreographer Jefta van Dinther
Created and performed by Juan Pablo Camara, Emeka Ene, Leah Katz, Gyung Moo Kim, Leah Marojeviç, Dana Pajarillaga, Manon Parent, Roger Sala Reyner, Thomas Zamolo and Jefta van Dinther
Costume Cristina Nyffeler
Voice coach Doreen Kutzke
Assistant choreographer Thomas Zamolo
Artistic advice Gabriel Smeets and Maja Zimmermann
Photo & Film Jubal Battisti
Post production partially supported by Diehl+Ritter/Tanzpakt Reconnect.
Production Jefta van Dinther
Production management Uta Engel and Romy Hansford-Gerber
Distribution Key Performance
Administration Jefta van Dinther (DE) and Interim kultur AB (SE)
Co-Production Norrlandsoperan Umeå


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