Clarice Lima (BR) / Futura / Linha de Fuga


08 Jul '23 to 09 Jul '23
Clarice Lima (BR) / Futura / Linha de Fuga


Clarice Lima (BR) / Futura / Linha de Fuga


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Reflection on how nature plays a role in the social structures of the city

The Woods location project creates roots in the city. You can take this quite literally: in collaboration with local participants, all standing upside down, the body takes possession of public space – the ever-busy Leidseplein. How long can the group – as a 'forest' of bodies – endure? A contemplative viewing exercise that poetically connects nature and community spirit.


Run time 30 minutes

Starting time and Locations
Sa 8 July, 17:00 - Leidseplein, Amsterdam
Sa 8 July, 19:30 - Leidseplein, Amsterdam
Su 9 July, 14:00 - Leidseplein, Amsterdam

Woods brings the idea of the forest back into the 'concrete jungle' and explores the possibilities for the body to resist the concrete of city. The makers drew inspiration from Ailton Krenak, leader of the Brazilian indigenous movement: "(...) we humans have forgotten that nature is not separate from us, nature is something that we are."

The performance pays homage to forgotten forests and felled woods, a place to reflect on how we can restore our lost connection with nature. At the same time, Woods is an exercise in solidarity and an expression of collective strength. The duration of the performance depends on each participant's ability to stay on their head. In the performance, the bodies’ struggle to remain upside down calls attention to the struggle that nature itself faces. Eventually, and at different times, each body-tree falls to the ground, one by one, where they remain until they rise again, changing the landscape, bringing movement and life to these Woods. -|-In nature and life things are always rising and dying and so we are in this performance. Solidarity lead the dramaturgy and to build the Woods we must help each other and in the end no one leaves until the last one resists, we don't leave anyone behind. The minimalist choreography calls attention to the importance and strength of the collective and the possibility of diversity within it, as nature can only resist because of its biodiversity.

Clarice Lima / Futura & Linha de Fuga bring performers and audiences together in bold, engaging dance pieces that spark the imagination and celebrate the energy of the moving body. It is one of the performances supported by Big Pulse Dance Alliance, a partnership of 12 European dance festivals and institutions to promote, strengthen and broaden the contemporary dance sector.


choreographer and director Clarice Lima
dramaturgist Catarina Saraiva
movement assistant and performers Aline Bonamin and Nina Fajdiga
skirts Onono/ Ademar Ferrera, Wilson Ranieri, Sirlei Ferreira and Elizabete Vasconcelos

production and management Linha de Fuga AC (Portugal) and FUTURA (Brazil).-|-

Woods is a Big Pulse Dance Alliance co-production, co-produced by New Baltic Dance (Lithuania), International Dance Festival TANEC PRAHA (The Czech Republic), Sismògraf Dance Festival (Catalonia - Spain) and Julidans (The Netherlands), co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


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08 Jul '24 to 09 Jul '24
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