Alida Dors (NL) / Theater Rotterdam

Closed Eyes

Closed Eyes
12 Jul '24 to 13 Jul '24
Alida Dors (NL) / Theater Rotterdam

In the masterly dance concert Closed Eyes, choreographer Alida Dors tells a story that is as personal as it is political. With a mix of spoken word, dance, music and poignant video images, she returns to the place of her ancestors in the performance. A musical and visual performance about the pain of a traumatised past.

Julidans On Stage / Julidans NL

Location Meervaart
Venue Rode Zaal
Run time tba
Language Language no problem

Closed Eyes

The show starts with film images: performer Dylan Kuyper runs across a market like a man possessed, jumps into a log canoe, and falls overboard. In a cloud of bubbles, his body floats underwater. Then the bubbling goes live: seven dancers run onto the stage, moving backwards, then accelerating forward again. They move in waves, sometimes in solos, sometimes as a group. The atmosphere is combative, only to quiet down later.

Dors sees Closed Eyes as the latest instalment in a series of dance chronicles, as she calls her performances. While her work was first mainly about empowerment, about protest and resistance, Closed Eyes is more spiritual in nature, although the activism is by no means missing.
Dors herself is the spoken word artist who mesmerises the audience with her rhythmic flow of words. She takes the audience to Lake Brokopondo in Suriname, the place where her ancestors lived before the idyllic lake was transformed into a reservoir. Entire villages disappeared as they were flooded. She still seeks connection with her ancestors. Everyone stands on the shoulders of their ancestors and in turn lays the foundation for future generations.

In the compelling Closed Eyes, all elements work together: the ingenious video work (Bernie van Velzen), Niek Kortekaas' strong set design, and the pulsating music.

"In many ways, Closed Eyes is an interesting performance, hopeful in turbulent times. What seems to be a personal quest is also a call for greater solidarity." - Theaterkrant

About Alida Dors

Alida Dors is a theater maker, choreographer, and artistic director of Theater Rotterdam. She creates interdisciplinary dance chronicles with influences from hip-hop and modern dance, such as Primisi, R.I.O.T., and Or Die Trying. Last season she did the choreography for the acclaimed performance The Story of Travis.

Dors about Closed Eyes: "Do you dare surrender yourself to the unknown? Stop running from it? Then immerse yourself in a parallel world where the magic of imagination reigns. Decide to dream. In my new performance Closed Eyes, I take you on a journey right through all the barriers of space and time, to imagine together a hopeful vision for the future."


choreography and concept Alida Dors
dance anai Bart, Fiona Dekkers, Dylan Kuyper, Liza Panjoel, Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu, Doris Bokongo Nkumu, Nicolas Trung Chanh Leroy
music Alvin Lewis, Patrick Mijnals, Jeremiah Owusu Ansah (HAYP)
video Bernie van Velzen
set design Niek Kortekaas
lighting design Axel Dikkers
costume design Erik Bosman


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