Johana Pocková & Sabina Bocková (CZ) / POCKETART

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales
12 Jul '24 to 13 Jul '24
Johana Pocková & Sabina Bocková (CZ) / POCKETART

What story would you like to hear at bedtime? In this co-production with Julidans, multidisciplinary collective POCKETART brings a disruptive theatrical experience challenging the representation of women. What do fairytale 'happy endings' mean for women in a postmodern world?

Julidans On Stage / Julidans NEXT

Location Podium Mozaïek
Run time 55 minutes
Language Language no problem

The terribly predictable stories with fairy-tale heroines, where everything ends well, are crying out for an alternative that does justice to today's complex and multi-layered world. The eight dancers of POCKETART and a life-size doll, symbolising a kind of universal mother goddess, come together to realise their ideal contemporary fairy tale.

Fairy Tales features several fairy tales, with their characteristic happy endings. But now with a focus on the role women play in them. The performers do this in an eclectic megamix of dance, theatre, spoken word and music.

The performers effortlessly step into different 'female roles', from mother hen to femme fatale, from militant feminist to prancing vain creature, as if it is just a matter of putting on yet another dress.

Fairy Tales is a rollercoaster with a strong emotional charge and high intensity. But the performance is also light and airy, with a good dose of irony and absurdity.

Fairy Tales reflects the ambiguity surrounding the position of women, but contrasts it with something powerful: leeway that offers freedom and fulfilment in all facets of womanhood. A place where you can create your own happy ending.

POCKETART is an international collective of creators working in the field of contemporary dance and physical theatre, led by Czech choreographers Johana Pocková and Sabina Bočková. Julidans previously hosted the collective's successful performance The Lion's Den.

About Sabina Bocková

Sabina Bocková is a choreographer and dancer based in Prague (Czech Republic). She studied classical and modern dance and after dancing in ballet companies for three years she decided to work as a freelance artist. Fascinated by simple and obvious body language, she transforms movement through choreographic structures while at the same time addressing topics and themes that echo social and cultural issues.

Treatment of Remembering, in collaboration with JohanaPocková and Inga Zotová-Mikshina, won the International Jury Award and the Audience Award at the 27th edition of the Czech Dance Platform and it was selected for the Aerowaves22. She is a member of the POCKETART collective with which she produces her own creations. Alongside her own work she has also collaborated for a long time as a performer with the Tantehorse company, the company tYhle led by choreographer Marie Gourdain and most recently with Cirk La Putyka.

About Johana Pocková

Johana Pocková graduated from the Duncan Centre Dance Conservatory in Prague, completed a six-month internship at the Peridance Capezio Centre in New York and two years at the SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). She is currently devoting herself to auteur choreography.

In 2017, she won the Jarmila Jeřábková Award for her choreography MURDER!A little comic book history. In recent years, she has also presented the productions Why Not Now?, Na Váhu! and Full Warehouses of Emotions and the dance film Folds of Touch. Together with Sabina Bočková, she is the creator of the performance The Lion's Den, which was selected for the Czech Dance Platform 2020, among the top 20 productions on the European platform Aerowaves 2021. In 2019 she founded the dance association POCKETART and in 2020 she won the first Dance News Award for her contribution to the dance scene. As a performer, she collaborates with the Tantehorse and tYhle companies.


choreography, direction Sabina Bočková & Johana Pocková 
creation and performance Aneta Bočková, Jitka Čechová, Michaela Dzurovčínová, Karolina Graca, Tereza Holubová, Tereza Krejčová, Eva Mora González, Monika Szpunar 
live music Lukáš Palán, Sára Vondrášková (Never Sol) 
dramaturgy Viktor Černický 
choreographic coaching Peter Šavel 
set design and costumes Vendula Tomšů 
light design Eliška Kociánová 

technical support Jan Tomšů 
production manager David Ostružár, Nela Frauenbergová 
booking manager Anna Gazdíková 
graphic design Pavel Holomek 

produced by POCKETART collective 
co-produced by Tanec Praha (CZ), Julidans (NL), Sísmograf Olot (ESP) 
supported by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Next Generation EU – National Recovery Plan, State Culture Fund, Prague City Hall, SE.S.TA. – center for choreographic research, REZI.DANCE Komařice 


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