Lois Alexander (NL/VS) / ICK Artist Space


15 Jul '21 to 16 Jul '21
Lois Alexander (NL/VS) / ICK Artist Space


Lois Alexander (NL/VS) / ICK Artist Space


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Surrounded by melting ice blocks, Lois Alexander investigates the identity of black women.

Julidans NL
Starting time 08:30 p.m.
Location Podium Mozaïek

Alexander examines the structures that have influenced and shaped black women throughout history.

In Neptune, water is the element that Lois Alexander uses to explore her world. Alexander was born in California, but carries the whole world in her roots. She is of African-American, Filipino, and Chinese descent. For Alexander, nature is a great source of knowledge: "We can learn so much from the world around us. I am also inspired by ideas from Afro-futurism, which interweaves stories from the African diaspora with fantasy. And by thinkers like Audre Lorde, who encourages people to use all their skills to realise new realities."

-|-Sometimes Alexander becomes liquid herself in her water choreography. In Neptune, water stands for transformation. Alexander finds it fascinating how water can change from solid matter (ice) to liquid element, to gas, and based her dance on these fluid properties. In this performance, Alexander examines the structures that have influenced and shaped black women throughout history. She rewrites that history from her own perspective. Neptune is about the identity and reality of women of colour, the power of the gaze of others, reflections, and the symbolism of chains in the history of black women. The chains holding up the melting ice blocks in the scenery make that wry point visible. At the crossroads of dance, visual art and music, Neptune wants to create space for thinking about new ways of being.


Choreography & performance  Lois Alexander 
Scenography  Nina Kay 
Music composition Shannon Sea 
Artistic advice  Suzy Blok, Fernando Belfiore 
Dramaturgical Advice  Alexandra Hennig, Lara van Lookeren 
Production Dansmakers Amsterdam 
Co-production  Sophiensæle Berlin 
Costume stylist Steffi Barbian 

Created with financial support from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, AFK3Package Deal, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Young Art Support Amsterdam 
Tour production & management  ICK Dans Amsterdam