Arno Schuitemaker (NL)


15 Jul '21 to 16 Jul '21
Arno Schuitemaker (NL)

Liberating experience of the kind that will determine the future of theatre.

Julidans NL
Starting time 7:30 p.m.
Location ITA
Venue Rabozaal

Everything falls into place

“In my next life, I may want to be a writer, or a poet. I would then let my future revisit my past. I would write about myself at a point in time, not too long ago, putting into words what is now in my body.

Being on my own, how I more and more felt that I was not alone. How I recognized myself, not only in the mirror, but just as much in others. How these memories turned into multiple reflections, each step turned into movement, and tracing back turned into traveling forth.

How it felt when I was setting one foot in front of the other, how it felt to say:

Let me begin again.

O S C A R. A solo for 3. 3 solos in 1. It could be me, anyone, and everyone.”

Performances by Arno Schuitemaker must be experienced, lived through, endured. His interdisciplinary work moves freely outside the boundaries of dance by melding non-stop movement, electronic music and impressive lighting designs. Schuitemaker has acquired a place as one of the most striking performing artists of the new generation. -|-His performance The Way You Sound Tonight received the Swan for most impressive dance production from the VSCD. The performance premiered at the Holland Festival 2018 and was "one of the highlights" according to Cultuurpers.

Schuitemaker can safely be called a travelling star. For years, he has been creating dance performances that could be seen far beyond the national borders. In 2018, he added a premiere at the Holland Festival to his achievements. In that same year, he performed at Julidans, with the completely sold-out If You Could See Me Now. Julidans 2021 presents the world premiere of his new performance O S C A R in the ITA Rabozaal.

"In a liberating dance movement, everything falls into place. It is no exaggeration to say that experiences of this kind will determine the future of theatre," Trouw wrote. De Volkskrant: "A beautifully made and danced work that subtly plays with your feelings."

O S C A R brings audience and performers together on stage in a physical journey from space to space. Although there are no fixed seats or seats, the show is accessible to people who are unable to stand or have difficulty standing.


Creation: Arno Schuitemaker
Performers: Ivan Ugrin, Mark Christoph Klee, Paolo Yao
Dramaturgy: Guy Cools
Music by Aart Strootman
Lighting design: Jean Kalman Scenography: Jean Kalman, Arno Schuitemaker, Paul Beumer
Costumes: Sarah Nixon
Spatial sound design: Cesi Nolten
Technicians: Vincent Beune, Paul Beumer

O S C A R is a production of SHARP/ArnoSchuitemaker in coproduction with DansBrabant, La Place de la Danse - Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National / Toulouse-Occitanie and Théâtre Garonne, supported by Dutch Performing Arts, and Sala Hiroshima. The performance is realised with contributions of Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Ammodo, Fonds 21 and NORMA fonds.


Julidans adheres to the corona measures in force, as drawn up by the RIVM and the central government. As long as the coronavirus is not yet under control, testing can help make more possible step by step. The national government uses access tests to facilitate social and cultural activities in a safe manner. You may also need a negative test result in addition to your entrance ticket.

In the period prior to the performance, ticket buyers will receive instructions regarding the Covid-19 access policies in effect at the time. They may get several messages, depending on whether the government policy is announced or modified. It is possible that they will receive these mails until just before the start of the performance, so please keep a close eye on your mailbox. Julidans as well as the theatres where the event is staged, may send you these mails.


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