Junadry Leocaria (NL) / Korzo Producties


10 Jul '21
Junadry Leocaria (NL) / Korzo Producties


Junadry Leocaria (NL) / Korzo Producties


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Striking talent pays tribute to her roots and to the beauty of the forbidden music and dance of Curaçao.

A combined programme with the movie Imprenta.

Location Bijlmerparktheater
With aftertalk with Junadry Leocaria

A tribute to her roots

Junadry Leocaria is a striking talent in the Dutch Performing Arts scene and makes her Julidans debut. Her professional dance career started at the age of 18 with ISH Dance Collective. Junadry specialises in waacking - an expressive form of street dance, set to disco music from the 1970s, which plays with characters and emotions. Junadry has choreographed for Festival Classique, ITA, Holland Dance Festival and Korzo, among others. With her expressive and powerful movement language, she knew how to touch the audience every time.

With the solo Ta(m)bu Junadry honours her ancestors by going back to her roots and sharing the beauty of her cultural heritage in her own way.

-|-Junadry began to better understand the importance of the hidden cultural history of Curaçao, her own history. In recent years, she has created several expressive works that leave no one untouched. Junadry's ancestors have blessed her with her musicality, creativity, strength, and above all her ability to express herself through dance. The dancing, singing and playing of tambú was once forbidden, a taboo. With the solo Ta(m)bu, Junadry honours her ancestors by going back to her roots and sharing the beauty of her cultural heritage in her own way.


Imprenta is the first film of Junadry in which she - from her DNA – starts a search for her roots. Dance, music, visual art and poetry come together in a journey that starts on Curaçao and continues on various continents.

For imprenta, Junadry collaborated with artist and curator Richard Kofi, musician Ernest Guiraud Cissé and filmmaker Conni Trommlitz. Kofi created the bodypaint and portaits for the film from symbolism rooted in spiritual traditions of groups matching with Junadry’s DNA-test.


Choreography & dance Junadry Leocaria
Direction Leo Spreksel
Sound & lighting design Peter Lemmens
Costume Nataly Piar
With special thanks to Norman de Palm
A Korzo production