Keren Levi (NL/IS) / NeverLike


08 Jul '21 to 10 Jul '21
Keren Levi (NL/IS) / NeverLike

Keren Levi (NL/IS) / NeverLike




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Memory and farewell are the central themes in this personal solo performance by Keren Levi. In contrast to most of her other pieces Levi has taken autobio-graphical material as the starting point. She navigates in between dance and storytelling in a solo piece which she creates and performs herself. She brings to life a multi-faceted and almost, but not quite, gossipy portrait of intimacy and distance within a family. The audience takes a peek in her secret diary and is invited to reflect on the loss of previous generations.

Starting time 1:00 p.m.
Duration 50 minutes
Location Bellevue
Venue Palonizaal
Price €15,-

Vanaf 2018 werkt Keren Levi aan een serie solo’s onder de naam Departing Landsca-pes, waarvan THERE SHE IS de huidige versie is. Departing Landscapes is als een nat schildersdoek, waarop Levi steeds hetzelfde idee opnieuw herinterpreteerd, aan-schept, uitwist, aanbrengt en verfijnt. Het groeit met haar mee en wordt door de tijd, aandacht en liefde die zij over een langere periode in het stuk steekt teeds rijker en gelaagder. Voor deze serie werken vroeg Levi dramaturg Igor Dobričić en componist Tom Parkinson waarmee zij al jaren samenwerkt, om mede vorm te geven aan deze persoonlijke zoektocht.

Keren Levi

The Israeli-Dutch choreographer Keren Levi has been working as a choreographer since 2004. Levi’s work is idiosyncratically choreographic and multidisciplinary by nature. Her adventurous music-dance-video performances have a conceptual basis and are structured musically. Levi has a feminist focus and creates a heterogeneous im-age of women in all aspects of her work. In her process the question arises what dance is, and what role dance can play in a broader socio-political context. Among others, Levi changes dance into an area where social conventions and expectations become visible.

-|-In 2010, Levi performed at Julidans for the first time, in the NEXT programme at the Melkweg (Big Mouth, together with Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor). In 2013, her music/dance concert for young people To Band was performed in the Vondelpark as part of Julidans. Levi's mix of dance, live music and video appeals to seasoned dance enthusiasts and newcomers to the scene alike. With The Dry Piece / XL she got a well-deserved premiere place in the main programme of Julidans.


Choreography & Performance Keren Levi 
Dramaturgy Igor Dobričić 
Music by Tom Parkinson 
Video Assi Weitz 
Lighting Martin Kaffarnik 
Photography Rob Gradisen 
Managing director Keren Levi | NeverLike Judith Schoneveld / Transistor 
Production Keren Levi | NeverLike 
Co-producers Veem House for Performance Amsterdam and Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster 
Funds BNG Culture Fund, Elise Mathilde Fund and Kickstart Fund
With thanks to  BAU dance & performance platform Amsterdam and Nicole Beutler Projects, Amsterdam 

Keren Levi (NL/IS) / NeverLike © Rob Gradisen
Keren Levi (NL/IS) / NeverLike © Rob Gradisen

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