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Julidans NL: 60

2 & 3 july - Amos Ben-Tal (NL/IL) / OFFprojects

Intriguing performance about the perception of time.

‘Something to look forward to in Julidans: the 60-minute version of 30, about ticking time', Volkskrant wrote. 60 is the final chapter in a series of performances about the human concept of time. A physical exploration that comprises of several works. ‘Extremely fascinating what Ben-Tal does with perception of space, time and human actions," said Trouw ****. World premiere on Julidans!


3 july - Gabriela Carizzo & Franck Chartier (BE/AR/FR) / Peeping Tom

The world viewed through the eyes of the child.

Kind is the third part of a trilogy about the safe, but sometimes also claustrophobic, family nest. After Vader and Moeder - both were shown at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam - it is now the children's turn. Kind is completely determined by their perspective. Every action is driven by children's view of the world, by their fears and desires.

Story, story, die.

2 & 3 july - Alan Lucien Øyen (NO) / winter guests

Truth and falsehood in times of likes and online love.

It’s his first time at Julidans and we asked him straight away to be the opening performance. Norwegian super talent Alan Lucien Øyen caught our eye when he created the show Kodak for GöteborgOperans Danskompani. It was an extremely successful combination of video, dance and theatre. In that mix of disciplines and technology, Øyen brings dance in its most contemporary form and at the highest level, while at the same time it's about something. We present his new show Story, story, die. - which we also co-produce - gladly to the Julidans public.

Julidans NEXT: Rasp Your Soul

3 & 4 july - Kat Válastur (DE/GR) / HAU

Fascinating, ominous solo about truth in digital times.

An impressive solo populated by legends and our own digital culture: from mythology, the kingdom of fables, she asks questions about how we can recognise the truth today, in times of social media and fake news.

Julidans NL: Mermaids & Ü

4 july - Dereck Cayla (NL/FR) / Antonin Comestaz (NL/FR)

About mermaids, people and the Ü mating dance.

Graceful ballet lines and breakdance in a virtuoso autobiographical solo.

‘There is nobody quite like Toukrabi. Graceful ballet lines merge into acrobatic floor work. It’s exciting how he gives breakdance the weightlessness of ballet.' De Standaard saw the first choreography by Tunisian Belgian, Mohamed Toukrabi and saw that it was good: ‘It makes you want more.’

Julidans NL: Blueprint on Memory

4 july - Ann Van den Broek (NL/BE) / WArd/waRD

Penetrating parade on faltering memory.

'Just as crisp as oppressive. Certainly those who have experienced Alzheimer's up close will recognize much. Blueprint on Memory is an impressive and moving movement-theatre’, wrote NRC.

Julidans NL: REDO

5 july - Shailesh Bahoran (NL) / Illusionary Rockaz Company

Hip hop phenomenon Redo: a story of inexhaustible willpower.

Julidans Extended: OFF VENUE

6 & 7 july - Julidans x WhyNot

An alternative dance route by bicycle.

Julidans Extended: Hors-Champ

6 & 7 july - I'M Company / Ivana Müller (FR/HR)

A special meeting with someone whom you do not (yet) know.

Julidans NEXT: Trança

6 & 7 july - Thiago Granato (DE/BR)

Hypnotic dance journey that begins with the hands.

Thiago Granato is an emerging talent from Brazil. From his current hometown of Berlin, he gets invited everywhere in Europe. As a choreographer, Granato is particularly interested in movement itself - all the ways in which a body can express itself and how we recognize these abstract codes as emotions or communication. 

The Quiet

6 & 7 july - Jefta van Dinther (DE/SE)

Five inspiring women in a hypnotic painting.

The fascinating, hypnotic performances of Jefta van Dinther have been crowd magnets at Julidans for years. We have earlier presented his three large-scale performances, including the world premiere of Protagonist by the Cullberg Ballet. In 2018 we presented the intimate Dark Field Analysis, called a “dizzying trip” by de Volkskrant. Julidans is a co-producer of The Quiet, Van Dinther's new show about and with multiple generations of women.

Julidans NL: Apollon Musagète XL

6 july - Florentina Holzinger (NL/AT)

Virtuoso performers puts the patriarchal order to shame.

'With great effect and a number of powerful strokes, Florentina Holzinger uses Apollon Musagète to seduce the patriarchal order. Shivers and excitement, horror and irony go hand in hand with muscular displays, insane tricks and the usual aesthetics of Holzinger.' This is how Theaterkrant awarded its four-star recommendation in 2017. The XL version of this feminist 'ballet' is getting even greater and more exuberant.


7 & 8 july - Adi Boutrous (IL)

Male and female stereotypes undermined in a powerful performance full of energy.

Gender: the identity that we derive from or is imposed on us by the fact that we are male or female. It is a recurring theme in this edition of Julidans. Choreographers from all over the world ask questions about this simple dichotomy. Are we either male or female? And do we derive our full identity from that? Adi Boutrous' Submission also questions the culturally determined role patterns in two beautifully danced duets, a 'male' and a 'female'.


8 july - Ian Kaler (AT) / Cullberg

Virtuoso dance performance with the energy of urban dance and rock.

"Original, accessible and thought-provoking," is what the world-famous Swedish Cullberg Ballet calls the work of Ian Kaler, and asked him to create a new work for them. It fits in with the new company direction, which opens its doors to original talent. ON THE CUSP is a large-scale performance with fourteen dancers about the desire to belong to the group, driven by energetic electrical rock.

Julidans NEXT: Iron Mouth / Boca de Ferro

9 & 10 july - Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo / Improvável Produções (BR/AR)

Helse, irreverent dance to exciting Brazilian rhythms.

He dances like a madman to sordid Latin American rhythms.  Among the spectators, the dancer Ícaro dos Passos Gaya delivers the final blow. The beats that we hear refer back to the smuggling routes of northern Brazil in the 1950s and the uplifting music that came from it.


10 & 11 july - Dana Michel (CA)

Inimitable Canadian talent recovers her lost sexuality.

In 2005, Canadian Dana Michel completed her dance studies in her late twenties. A surprising career change, because before that she combined a marketing job with competition sports (running and football). Equally special is the place that she occupies as a choreographer and performer. 'Michel is inimitable and unique. Rather than say she dances, we can say that she dares. She dares to break through conventions and to question our conceptual frameworks. And she does that from a position she is well aware of: ‘she is an artist, she is a woman and she is black’, wrote the Belgische Campo.

Private Song

10 & 11 july - Alexandra Bachzetsis (CH/GR)

Charismatic dance about male-female clichés with live sung Greek blues.

The three performers start with the stereotypes of women, from which an original performance about role patterns unfolds. The guideline are popular songs from rebetiko, the Greek blues, that can be heard in the folk cafes, in squares and streets. 'The audience soon became captivated. It was very clearly about pain, suffering, the everyday, the human’, wrote Tageszeitung.

Body of Work

11 & 12 july - Daniel Linehan (USA/BE) / Hiatus

Dances from the past continue to live in the body of the dancer. Like an archaeologist, choreographer / dancer Daniel Linehan digs into the performances that he has created over the past 15 years and lets its traces speak. After the fascinating solo, Not About Everything, which Linehan previously created for himself and which could also be seen on Julidans, we look forward to this new work.

Julidans Extended: Let it Burn (Deixa Arder) & White Noise

11 & 12 july - Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo / Improvável Produções (BR/AR) / Christian Guerematchi (NL/SI)

People in search of their own noise.

'White Noise is a research into the black voice and the black body in a world in which white culture is dominant. An impressive performance by Christian Guerematchi and Guillermo Blinker. 'The confrontation is painful.' Theaterkrant wrote, which calls White Noise 'a powerful statement about racism and self-hatred'. In this crossover of dance and ghosts, Slovenian choreographer Christian Guerematchi makes it visible how dominant norms and values of a culture influence the own noise of an individual.

Julidans Extended: Urban Bodies Project

12, 13 & 14 july - Yolanda Gutiérrez (DE/MX)

Voices from the colonial past become visible in the city.

Oona Doherty purifies the male soul.

Stomping, sweating theatre, virtuoso transformations. Oona Doherty takes us on a journey through the dingiest streets of Europe. She purifies the male soul. It’s a physical experience on the frontier of mind and body. And a hunt for hope.

Julidans Extended: Us Swerve

12, 13 & 14 july - Alex Baczynski-Jenkins (PL/UK)

A game of attraction and repulsion in a poetry performance on roller skates.

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins’s Us Swerve (2014) is a choreographic score for performers on rollerblades who orbit one another while reciting, remixing and reformulating fragmented lines of poetry that meditate desire.

Julidans Extended: N'zassa

12 july - We Are On The Move (NL)

Everything is energy with the talented young people from We Are On The Move.

Under the inspirational management of Enver Liesdek, talented young people give performances about diversity, finding your own place and the power of friendship. A catchy and energetic mix of urban, contemporary and classical. They are on the move!


12, 13 & 14 july - Colin Dunne (IR) & Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (BE/MA) / Eastman

Riverdance meets contemporary dance in a virtuoso jam session.

Session is the dream ending of Julidans 2019, in which an icon of Irish dance and the most requested choreographer of today are on stage together. Colin Dunne and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: Riverdance meets contemporary dance in a stunning and at the same time moving dialogue between two dance grand masters and two masterful musicians.

Conversations Out Of Place

13 july - I'M Company / Ivana Müller (FR/HR)

Four people and a plant get lost in a simmering ecosystem.

‘What is the connection between getting lost in the forest and deleting all human data? The answer is given in Ivana Müller's brilliant show’, wrote the newspaper, Libération. Conversations Out of Place (2017) is about the relationship between humans and nature.
A group of people are on the road in an unusual, slightly absurd world. They have been traveling together for a long time: days, weeks, or is it years? Although they seem to know the way, they are gradually losing sight of the end point. The story is told by four people and a plant in a simmering ecosystem, where their transit (and their waste) leaves biodiversity forever changed. It is almost a romantic scene - or do we see the last people here before they disappear from nature?



13 july - Christos Papadopoulos / Leon & the Wolf (GR)

Hypnotising performance about the essence of life.