Julidans 2020

When it became clear that it was no longer realistic to organize Julidans 2020, we were in the final phase of the programming. Even though it is not possible to present these special performances this year, we would still like to share the program with you. Because we are proud of the choreographers and the way they view dance and the world around us. As mentioned, most of them will return in 2021 or 2022.

Program Julidans 2020

Language NP Language no problem Elenit Elenit Euripides Laskarides (GR) / OSMOSIS
Close Euripides Laskarides (GR) / OSMOSIS Elenit
ELENIT is a universe in which you can disappear completely. “Totally hypnotic. Dance, theatre, performance, happening, installation. A work that exceeds category and is therefore unique.” - To Tetarto Koudouni.
Language NP Language no problem BEST REGARDS, Nigel Charnock BEST REGARDS, Nigel Charnock Marco D'Agostin (IT)
Close Marco D'Agostin (IT) BEST REGARDS, Nigel Charnock
Dear N,you were too much.Too funny.Not just plain funny but, you know:silly funny, witty funny,biting funny, cutting funny, ferocious funny,despondent funny, frightening funny.And physical too.Yes too physical by half.Too body, body.Too bodily body to be theatreand too entertaining to be seriou...